Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Just a stay at home mum?

When I gave up work two years ago (I just had to re-count, it really doesn't seem that long ago), I would often find myself answering the "What are you going to do next?" questions with "I'm just going to be a stay at home mum".  Fast forward to now and my list of 'roles' seems five times as long and fifty times more fun than I could have imagined.

I am Mum to Billy who is my nearly four year old train enthusiast, and Jo my mischievous nearly two year old sleep striker.  I am also a carer for Billy who has a super long list of allergies and intolerances, very poor immunity and sensory and behavioural issues.  I never ever imagined that when I became a stay at home mum I would be taking up that role so literally - life with my little germ magnet can for many weeks mean just that, we stay at home and I am learning to love it.

At around the same time that we began to realise that Billy's poor immunity wasn't just another phase my husband and I had bought our first home - a 1930s semi complete with rotten floors, woodworm, asbestos,  rat and damp damage, no heating, very poor water flow and basic electrics.  We have worked hard to make this house our home, and after countless 'what on earth have we done?!' moments it is gradually becoming an enjoyable and cosey place to be confined to.

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